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Meeting Minutes



December Board Meeting


Terese Tucker, Suzy Hosler, Joe Hosler, Drew Lange, Jeff Barat, Dave Craybill, Wayne Murray, LeeAnn Rhotehamel, Keith Rhotehamel, Melissa Bradford, Tom Hutchings


December Meeting

For Squirts and Above

Last day to release a player is November 30

Last day to add player to roster is December 23

Rosters are frozen as of December 30



Districts are all set.

Brian’s team owes $264.33

Suzy will ask Brent to transfer the $264.33 from our account  


The next district meeting will be on Zoom.  


President report and Recommendations to the board

Equipment room, big thanks to everyone that help out for try hockey day and did a wonderful job cleaning and organizing, but it looks like someone been going though the bags, please keep it clean and put everything away

Small nets are getting damaged, they are for black pucks only

Try Hockey Day

National Day is February 23rd

Need to pick another day


Grant Money

There are $3,000 available for grant funds for training equipment.  We need to request a grant. Suzy has the details on the grant.


Skills Night

We need more kids from other teams.    

Team reports

Coach's Education report

Ryan Ortiz and Sean Christensen need their level 2 class

Rob Perani needs to do his level 2 class

Koglin and Wenzel need their level 3 class


Make sure you have locker room monitors in the room and two adults at one time.  


Everyone must have credentials to be on the bench.  


Mites took second place at the Silver Stick Championship


Financial Report

Brent has no complaints about the finances.


Girls Team

How do we recruit girls for a team.  

Tom and Jeff to meet off line with Keith Rhotehamel off line to discuss a girls team.


Review any new Rules

Go over fundraising (Raffle)

Brian has sold some but will turn the rest in for the other teams to sell.  


PeeWees did not sell any tickets.  They will turn the tickets back in.  They had 160 tickets. The tickets will be redistributed.


Set time and date for next meeting

First Tuesday normally for January we can do this on January 8th.


New Business, brought properly to the board