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Coaching Information


Coaching Registration

Coaches and Assistant Coaches need to be registered with USA Hockey and GFHA to coach. Registration is good for one calendar year.  To register with GFHA click here. To register with USA Hockey click here.

Background Checks
Background checks MUST be processed prior to participating in any team activities. This must be done for ALL personnel that are going to have direct contact with any of your team members.  Click here for a direct link to the page.  Bring a printed copy of the confirmation e-mail stating CLEAR to the arena and turn it in to whoever is responsible for completing your team's roster.  Background checks are good for two years.

SafeSport Training

Coaches and Assistant Coaches must successfully complete the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program training to coach. Training is good for two calendar years. Need to register with USA Hockey first.  Click here to start the 90 minute course.

Process to Register for Coaching Clinics
To register for any clinic, a user account must be completed in order to sign up for a clinic. It's a one-time process, and will make future clinic sign-ups quicker and easier.  Click here and completely read the step-by-step process.  Please continue reading all sections below before registering for a clinic. Click here Coaching Clinics in Michigan are at bottom of page.

Coaching Standards for Obtaining Certification including Age-Specific Modules
USA Hockey Coaching Standards (requirements) are basically this: new coaches are to take one coaching clinic per year regardless of the playing level coaching until reaching level 3, which is good for two years and can be renewed twice online.  Exception to this is if coaching at the 8 and under level ONLY, just requires a level 1 certification regardless of the number of years coaching.  ALL COACHES (levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) are required to take online age-specific training modules, as needed.  The online training modules are scheduled to be available starting Sept. 1st.  Cost is $10 and it takes 6 hours to complete.  It must be completed within 30 days of starting otherwise you must pay another $10 and start over. You can print a certificate after completion. It will also be listed on your virtual coaching card, available on USA Hockey's website for your viewing and printing.  Click here to start.  Your status must be up to date before you can be on the teams roster, new effective as of July 2017.

Click here for the complete read of the coaching standards and how to obtain certification.

Concussion Management

Concussion training for coaches, athletes and parents. CLICK HERE TO READ Concussion Management Program. CLICK HERE to sign Coaching concussion Agreement and email 

The Use of On / Off Ice Instructors
First, using an instructor, such as a certified power skating instructor, is allowed on your team's ice as long as the instructor isn't doing it for profit, he/she isn't a regular person on your team's ice, and the coaches are present on the ice while he/she is instructing. In this case, he/she must also wear a helmet, be USA Hockey registered, show proof of submitting to a background check, and must have completed SafeSport training. If the instructor is doing it for profit then he/she must buy the ice and provide insurance for the players, as USA Hockey will not accept liability. 

Volunteer On Ice Help (Skill Development Programs ONLY)
Requirements for volunteers helping on ice with skill development programs such as Learn To Play and ADM are not as much as regular coaches.  Use of a volunteer in these programs require the volunteer to be USA Hockey registered as a coach, complete a background check, complete Safe Sport training, and complete the online age specific module for 8 and under (mite).  Volunteers are not required to obtain a CEP (coaching) card, but should be encouraged to do so.

All age levels playing games against other associations require ALL coaches to be certified, which includes having both a valid CEP card and an age-specific module for the playing level you're involved with.

Student Coaches
Student coaches are a great tool to use for setting up and demonstrating drills.  Some of the rules for using: Student coaches can only be used for playing levels below their own playing level.  Student coaches must attend a training session, preferably a level 1 coaching clinic but will not receive a coaching certification.   Student coaches can not participate in scrimmages at practices.  Can not act as a coach but can be used on a bench as one of four coaches allowed during a game.  Student coaches must be with a CEP carded adult coach during all team activities, including the locker room.  For a complete read, click here.

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