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Opportunities For Sled Players To Advance To USAH's National Sled Team

09/12/2013, 2:45pm EDT
By Admin

Aaron told me, "I want to skate, but I don't know how."  A lot of people tend to forget about all of the kids who are currently being physically challenged because of an injury or one of many other medical conditions.  We don't.  Let nothing stop a kid from particicpating.  USA Hockey doesn't and neither do we.  Just ask all of the players from our World Champion USA Hockey National Sled Team.  We only see a kid who wants to play, have fun, be a part of being on a team, and possibly one day help Team USA win another World title. And It all starts with a local association or program that offers sled hockey for players with disabilities.  Through those avenues and a lot of hard work, advancement to playing on USA Hockey's National Sled Teams is very much a reality.  Opportunities exist to play at the national level, as USA Hockey offers try-out camps for those players who not only dream big but also go out and work hard to make that dream come true.  For more info, please contact Mick Carroll, Aaron's Friend and Coach, at (810) 655-8016.

If you currently have a disability and think you can't do this, check out the two youtube videos of the Jr. Sled Wings, a team of young disabled hockey players from Grand Rapids, in action...  
video 1 and video 2.

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