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Flint, Are You Ready For Us?

08/23/2014, 5:15am EDT

GFHA, who are they?  We were a fixture in the Flint area hockey community for many years up until a few years ago when we were forced to find a new home.  None was available so we quietly went in the direction of being dormant.  We had no other options.  We remained active, but our activity was limited until either a new arena was built or one that was closed would reopen.  With the former Ice Mountain Arena being bought and re-opened after two years of closure, we had hope of being able to return on a full time basis.  We approached the new ownership and they accepted us as their youth hockey association.  The newly named Crystal Fieldhouse is our new home.  But you can't just come back and say we're here.  It's not that easy.  And we couldn't come out and promise things we couldn't deliver.  The proper steps, the hard part of getting re-accepted, had to be taken.  We applied but every attempt to regain entry back into the hockey world was met with a denial. We wouldn't take no for an answer and now we finally have it.  We're an official member association of USA Hockey, the best hockey organization in the world.  Our comeback hasn't been easy, as we've worked hard all spring / summer long to get what we wanted.  And what we wanted is for our association to be able to provide the best hockey experience for all, and for our kids to be served and protected by USA Hockey and all it has to offer through being a member of this world class organization.  Unfortunately, every attempt to re-establish ourselves took time.  A lot of time.  Hockey registrations have been underway all around the state, and we know it, but we had to wait for the process to work its way through.  This approval has some restrictions to protect nearby associations, as we're suppose to be growing the sport with new players in the mix.  At least the door has been opened and we can turn our attention towards moving forward.  Thank you for being patient while we've worked thru all the necessary steps to gain this approval.

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