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Miracle League: A Field Where Dreams Do Come True

06/30/2014, 2:00pm EDT
By Mick Carroll

Heading home to score a run

On a hot, steamy, Monday evening, and out on a recruiting mission for hockey players with disabilities, I found my way to DeWitt, Michigan to visit the Miracle League of Mid-Michigan.  The Miracle League is designed for kids with disabilities to be able to play baseball.  Arriving an hour early to make sure I found the ball field, I found myself in a park with three diamonds.  Looking out to the farthest field, I found it... the field of dreams, the Miracle League field.  And wow, what a park!  That field is absolutely a sight to see.  While walking around, I met Vicki Caine, the League Director.  She treated me great, allowing me to display my hockey sled, hand out brochures, display brochures and contact cards in the concession stand, and announce over the pa system who I was and my mission.  She even invited me back to connect with other teams that weren't scheduled on this night.

Now, about the game I watched.  It was great!  It was all about kids getting a chance to have fun... bat, hit, round bases, score, and more importantly, being on a team and proudly wearing that jersey.  There's no scoreboard because teams don't lose.  And there weren't coaches and parents yelling.  Only cheers and encouragement from the crowd and the players' buddies.  This is the way it should be.  Always!   To visit the Miracle League of Mid-Michigan, click here.

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