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Our Captains Rock With Their Houston Texans!

09/12/2013, 3:30pm EDT
By Admin

Our Captains, Peter and Aaron Berry, love their Texans and their Texans love them...

Above: Peter (l) and Aaron Berry (r) with their great friend,
Texans' defensive lineman, JJ Watt.



Our Co-Captains, Peter and Aaron Berry love their Texans,
and the Texans love them!  From going to practices and
games to having players visit and text them on a regular
basis, especially defensive lineman JJ Watt.  The Texans
rock for our Captains!



Right: After a sack, JJ Watt sends a message to Peter and Aaron
by doing "the wheelchair." 

Aaron at Texans practice

Aaron shows his approval of his Texans!


JJ Watt Sends A Message

Justin Bieber invited JJ. Peter, Aaron, and Willa to a pre-show surprise party in Houston.  It was Peter's 11th birthday.  Justin's concert, with front row seats, followed.  What a birthday!

Aaron (2nd from the left) and Peter (5th from the right) are members of the #1 ranked and 2013 NWBA National Champion TIRR Junior Hotwheels

Peter (l) and Aaron (r) celebrating with teammates after winning their championship.

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