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2012-13 USA Hockey Coaching Clinics

09/13/2013, 1:00pm EDT

Effective with the 2011-12 hockey season came completely new coaching standards for achieving certification.  New coaches adhere to the new coaching standards chart.  Older coaches were grandfathered in with all coaches, including level 4 and 5 coaches, required to do an online age-specific training module for the level of play coaching.  Once a module is completed for a certain playing level, it doesn't have to be repeated.

New for 2012-13, the modules are shortened for sections already taken in previous modules.  The module for coaching disabled hockey is scheduled to come online.  If coaching only 8 and Under, level 1 is all that's needed regardless of how many years coaching at that level, i.e. it's not necessary to take level 2, 3, and so on the following years if you remain only coaching at the 8 and Under level.  All clinics and age-specific training modules must be completed by the midnight Dec. 31st, 2012 deadline.  Click here for a complete reading on the new coaching standards.  Questions?  Feel free to contact me at

Remember to create a user profile prior to registering for the clinics.  Also, completely read "COACHES CORNER" below before signing up for clinics.  "Coaches Corner" includes how to create a user profile and many important rules. 

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