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Hockey photos taken by Mick Carroll

Registrations For 2016-17

Use our online registration to register.  Click here to go directly to the registration.  Use this method to register.  It includes all of the forms plus payment options such as credit / debit and electronic checking.  Also, if wanting to coach, use the coaching registration link at the top left of this page.  The coaching registration is free except for registering with USA Hockey.  ALL COACHES ARE REQUIRED TO FILL OUT THIS REGISTRATION FORM!  IT'S THE FIRST STEP IN COACHING WITH US!!!  This includes all assistant coaches and on ice helpers.

Along with the registrations, a mention about photos and videos.  We know many pics are taken of our players by the player's parents / guardians and, with or without their knowledge, others, too..  We, on occasion, take photos in an attempt to promote our association.  Please note, RECORDING DEVICES OF ANY TYPE ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE LOCKER ROOMS... THIS INCLUDES CELL PHONES!

Coaching Clinics

Registrations are now open for a level 1 clinic in Lapeer, at the Polar Palace, on Oct. 1st..  To register for clinics, click here.

Try A Sled To Skate Or Play Hockey

Have a disability and want to skate or play hockey?  The Greater Flint Sled Hockey Ice Raiders have 5 sleds available to try.  We have monthly "Try Sled Hockey For Free" days throughout the season but the sleds can be tried anytime  Sleds are also available to try during our "Try Hockey For Free" days.  If wanting to try during open skating or sticks and pucks, please call or text @ (810) 210-7811.  These are mostly adult sleds but are adjustable to fit younger players.  We have gear, too.

Girls Hockey Coming To GFHA

An all girls hockey program is going to be introduced for the 2016-17 fall / winter season.  This program is going to be directed by Courtney Rushlow, Vice President and player for U of M Flint Women's Hockey team.  She is going to be supported by players from her hockey team and GFHA's coaching staff.  Her father, Chuck Rushlow, coached at Ice Mountain (Crystal Fieldhouse) for several years and her brother, CJ Rushlow, played at all levels during his youth hockey career at the facility.  For more information, please send inquiries to

Sled Hockey Is Here In Flint For The Physically Challenged

Having a disability is hard enough: a lot of obstacles to overcome, limited accessibility to a lot of things, but most importantly, being accepted and included.  Having a disability shouldn't mean you can't participate in actitvities an abled body person enjoys doing.  For the most part, it might be just knowing the activity is available, like sled hockey.  Yes, hockey played in a sled.  Through specially designed equipment, those with a disability can enjoy being out on the ice and playing the greatest game on earth.  And it's a total blast!  USA Disabled Hockey is out to put disabilities on ice by making sled hockey available to Flint and the surrounding areas because hockey is for everybody who wants to participate.  Thanks to Aaron wanting to skate, this is here.  If interested in trying a sled, please contact Mick Carroll, our Disabled Coordinator, at (810) 210-7811 or  We'll make sure it happens.  Click here to watch a great video on sled hockey.

Monthly sled hockey ice sessions are available starting in October thru March at Crystal Fieldhouse.  Sleds can be tried anytime throughout the year.  The monthly sessions are courtesy of Star Rehabilitation of Grand Blanc.

A Good Thing...

Make a difference in the lives of those in need.  It doesn't have to be huge.  It's the gesture that counts.  Always be nice and good things will happen!  

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