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Hockey photos taken by Mick Carroll

Try Hockey For Free Another Huge Success

Hockey Weekend Across America's "Try Hockey For Free Day" on Saturday, Feb. 21st at Crystal Fieldhouse was another huge success, with 66 participants.  This was presented by the National Hockey League, USA Hockey, CCM, Kraft Foods, GFHA, and Crystal Fieldhouse.  GFHA and USA Hockey's "Try Hockey For Free Day" on Saturday, November 8th, was another huge success with 49 participants on the ice.  Our Jan. 18th "Try Hockey For Free" had 45 participants.  It keeps on building.  Thank you to all that have participated.

For pictures on this event, click here.  More to be added...

Learn To Play Offering 3rd Session

Crystal Fieldhouse and GFHA are offering a third 8 week Learn To Play / Skill Development session starting Saturday, January 24th, at 11 am.  This is a twice weekly program that also includes a Tuesday ice time at 6:00 pm.  The cost is $150 but is pro rated for late sign ups.  Registration / sign up can be made at the arena.  The registration form is also available on this page, to the right of this article, and can be printed and mailed with payment to the arena.  Make checks payable to Crystal Fieldhouse.  Thank you!

GFHA Receives Grant From Hockey Alumni

The Greater Flint Hockey Association received a $500 grant from the Mid- Michigan High School Hockey Alumni Tournament.  The non profit group is made up of former high school players from the Flint and surrounding areas.  They do fundraisers to help various charities and causes, including local youth hockey.  Their big annual fundraiser is in April where a weekend of games are played, high school vs. high school.  Please support them during this weekend so they can continue to support others.  Click here to visit their facebook page.  Thank you, MMHSHAT Board Members; Eric Lemieux, Bryan Hall, Andy Palovich, and Rico Phillips, for your generous contribution to our association!

Learn To Play On Saturdays and Tuesdays

Crystal Fieldhouse

The registration forms for the 2014-15 season are posted here and available at the arena.  We offer all levels of play including a Learn-To-Play program for kids ages 4 to 15.  Also, new to the Flint area, we're offering Sled Hockey for the disabled, both youth and adult.  The Learn To Play and Sled Hockey programs are offered in 8 week sessions with a third 8 week session starting on January 24th at 11 am with a discounted rate of 20% for those who sign up on or before Jan. 18th.  This program is pro-rated for those who join after the start date.  Mite hockey (birth years 2006 - 2007) is a part of the ADM / half ice, cross ice program and up to 12 full ice games can be played starting Jan. 1st thru March, 2015.  The mite teams for the full ice games can be created starting December 15th  and is a seperate program for those who want to participate.  SquirtWees are for 9 to 12 year-olds who are just starting but are considered too old by others' Learn To Play programs and not seasoned enough to be placed on a team, or for those who might not have a team and just want to have fun.  Continue to visit our site for updates or e-mail us at gfhahockey@yahoo.com.  We're a member of USA Hockey and the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association.

Crystal Fieldhouse was an official site of Hockey Weekend Across America "Try Hockey For Free.Day"  on Sat.. Feb. 21.  Thank you to all that participated.

Equipment Needed

Have any hockey equipment not being used?  Please help us help others.  We're in need of mainly youth gear... skates, sticks, gloves, pants, protective gear, goalie equipment, disabled hockey gear.  We accept all donations, including monetary.  Donations can be dropped off at Crystal Fieldhouse (the former Ice Mountain).  A thank you goes out to Rico Phillips, City of Flint Firefighter and referee, and Shaun Doss, a sled player with the Grand Rapids Sled Wings, for their recent donations to our association! 

Mite B Team Forming

Players with birth years 2006 and 2007 can be rostered starting Dec. 15th, 2014 to play up to 12 full ice games from Jan. 1st, 2015 thru March 30th, 2015.  If interested please call (810) 354-4342 or email gfhahockey@yahoo.com.  Registration form is below.

2014-15 Player Registrations

for Learn To Play (starting Jan. 24th, 2015), Mites, SquirtWees, and Sled Hockey.

GFHA Is Offering Sled Hockey For The Disabled

Having a disability is hard enough: a lot of obstacles to overcome, limited accessibilty to a lot of things, but most importantly, being accepted and included.  Having a disability shouldn't mean you can't participate in actitvities an abled body person enjoys doing.  For the most part, it might be just knowing the activity is available, like sled hockey.  Yes, hockey played in a sled.  Through specially designed equipment, those with a disability can enjoy being out on the ice and playing the greatest game on earth.  And it's a total blast!  GFHA is teaming up with USA Hockey to put disabilities on ice by making sled hockey available to Flint and the surrounding areas because hockey is for everybody who wants to participate.  We have sleds available.  If interested in trying a sled, please contact our Disabled Hockey Coordinator, Mick Carroll at (810) 210-7811 or mickcam@aol.com.  We'll make sure it happens.  Click here to watch a great video on sled hockey.

USA Hockey's National Disabled Festival is coming to Detroit in 2016.

Some Pictures From Try Hockey For Free Day... more to come

A Good Thing...

Make a difference in the lives of those in need.  It doesn't have to be huge.  It's the gesture that counts.  Always be nice and good things will happen!  

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